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30 vive pro with 4 base station 2.0


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Hey ,

I am currently working on project –VR class room- using 30 vive pro, so I want to use 4 base station 2.0 or less .

My question can I use 4 base station or less for 30 vive pro or more? Or it is limited for numbers of Vives  for each base station ?



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You can certainly deck out a classroom with 2.0 tracking and get a large number of headsets to run off four basestations. Generally speaking, the limit of how many HMDs running off of an array of basestations has mostly to do with practicality, occlusion, and user safety 30 may be quite a lot for 4 basestations, you may have to use more than 4. (You can have upto 16 basestations in a single room; you can array upto 4 basestations per SteamVR session - meaning that each HMD can track using data from 4 basestations). 


I am going to drop a major caveat though. If you're using the tracked Vive controllers, there is a limit on how many bluetooth devices you can have in an area before co-channel interference prevents the radios from cross-talking. That limit will vary based on the unique RF environment but 60 controllers in a room will probably cause interference. If you're using HMD only, that's not an issue. 


This is an example diagram of what a basic classroom setup could look like: 

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