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My games are no longer available?


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When I purchased my Vive in May 2017, I had a code for Richie's Plank Experience and Everest. I have used Richie's Plank Experience numerous times. The last time I played was in September of this year. Today I wanted to see it the Santa Simulator was going to be included with it, like it is on Steam, and it is not even showing in my library. I haven't logged into Viveport in ages because I had the credentials saved on this computer and for some reason I was forced to log in again and did not remember the account. So, I tried different accounts and none of them showed the game available in my library. So, I checked old email and verified which email it was sent to and even have the original redemption codes with it. However, since they were used that is the error that I get if I attempt to use them again. I attempted to use Live Chat support and they directed me here. Woud  greatly appreciate it if I could get some assistance in restoring these two games to my account, or to my other account that I had purchased other games on.

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