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WiGig card not found


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Has anyone with the wireless kit gotten a not ready 101 error when installing the WiGig card?


I've tried moving the card to a different slot, uninstalling, restarting and installing the software, but I can't even find the card in the device manager. I've followed the directions carefully, checked to make sure the card is seated properly and that the connections are good. I'm seeing a blue light on the card, which suggests it's connected, but nothing. Is there a particular kind of PCI slot I need? The specs don't suggest it...


Any help would be appreciated. I disconnected the old link box once I got the wireless setup done on the headset. Should I not have done that?

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, What's your motherboard? What is the status message on the wireless companion app?


Disconnecting the linkbox is fine - SteamVR and the wireless companion app will actually revert to looking for a wired HMD if you have the USB and HMDI/DP plugged into the linkbox. 

Generally speaking error 101 is a missing file message for SteamVR. I would recommend trying to uninstall/reinstall SteamVR to ensure it has all of the proper files. 

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I'm running an ASRock 970 Extreme 4 board. It's an older mobo, but it's worked flawlessly with the vive until this hitch. The app error is that the WiGig card isn't being recognized, and the 101 error. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Would uninstalling and reinstalling Steam VR help if the card isn't even showing up in device manager? My headset had been working perfectly before I switched to the wireless setup. 

I'm going to try plugging the card into a different machine tomorrow to see if it's recognized. Is there anything else I can try on my own machine tonight? I've tried switching the card into every PCIE slot and even moving my GPU around to see if it would pop up in device manager. No luck. 

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