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Live streaming in vr corrections


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Hi i need live streaming in vr. Such as facebook live in vr or any live streaming in vr so I can wear my cellphone like glasses when I am walking outside and have encouraging words on the sceen. I need this to treat my brain injury other students in my class need this to help them remember and it allows the teacher to see what we see and to correct us. I want to be an electrician. If you made live streaming in vr i could have a electrician see what i see and type on the screen what i should do. It should be easy to make it is just facebook live in vr or any live streaming in vr. No special effects just the camera text feature. There are thousands of people with disabilities that need live steaming in vr where i live so they can hold a job , have encouragement , speak to people , do better in school , be able to be supervised and stay connected with friends and family. If i didn't have a brain injury i would make a website. I hope someone will make live streaming in vr. A lot of peoples lives depend on it where i live especially when the weather reaches minus 20 which it is about to. Thank you for reading. I did this to make the spelling correct sorry if i double posted

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