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Feedback Thread VIVEport


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I figure this would be a good place to give feedback to the devs of Viveport.


The app could be good. Atm its ok, but certainly not worth a sub imo.

- App wont fullscreen second time i started it up, was full screen first time. hmm.

-When looking through the shop the subscription icon covers the page counter when u scroll down.

-Clicking library when in VR mode doesnt work and the list cant be scrolled.

-Sorting function in the shop needs alot of work. If u select Most popular, why does random popularity stuff appear at random?

-Cellphone integration is not worth €10 a month and should also be free at any rate. Blatant cash grab for an already expensive system.



Personaly the state of the App doesnt meet any kind of standard that should be a pay for service product. I will check back in the future when more work has gone into the App.

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