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Lack of communication is frankly becoming disturbing.


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I ordered the Vive pro full kit a few weeks ago, I had little to no information sent to me by email, no order confirmation, nothing.


After a couple of horrendous and unexpected bills rolled in, along with my uncertainty about the product I tried to cancel using the 'interesting' ticket support system.


A few days later it turned up on our doorstep all the while having zero communication to even confirm I had ordered it.


Then later that day someone responded to my ticket request for a cancelation saying sorry its shipped, days after the request.


So, chat tool this time, another person, helpful at least, gave me the shipping label etc, sent the next morning.








Nothing from HTC, no, I checked the tracking with UPS, it was with them, it was in their hands, had been for a while.


Another chat, yes they had it, it shouldn’t take long.


So, since I get zero communication (no its not in my spam folder) by email could someone please tell me how I’m to know when the refund is authorised and when I might see it or do I need to pester the bank till it shows up?

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