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Grey Screen after 20-30 minutes


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Dear HTC support


After playing for 20-30 minutes, my HTC is having grey screen on certain angle and direction (usually on the right corner 130-140 degree from my default position)


Covering certain camera sensor (just as suggested in another thread) does fix the grey area on that direction but causes another grey area on the opposite / different random direction / angle.


Are there any official fix for this problem???


My only solution is to stop playing after EVERY 15-20 minutes and put my headset in the front of a fan to cooling it down for about 10 minutes. 


And for me, that's not a proper solution.


So please,is there any official acknowledge and fix from HTC for this issue?

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Hello there joy!

Sorry if you were expecting a HTC Support member, but their rates of replying seems to be somewhat slowed down as I myself am waiting for a reply as well. Upside is, I'm somewhat tech savvy!


for your question of "Is there an official fix", doubtful to no. At least none that I could find online and everything that I did find was DIY and not officially endorsed.


My main confusion with your question is the "My only solution is to stop playing after EVERY 15-20 minutes and put my headset in the front of a fan to cooling it down for about 10 minutes. " bit.


How did you figure that cooling it down for 10 minutes helps it play longer? Because if that's the case, it might be an overheating problem (As dumb as that sounds).


Did you try setting up your Vive in another room to see if the problem persists? If it doesn't then that'd likely mean something in your main VR Room is interfering with the Infrared Lights emitted by the Lighthouses at specific angles. If not, it might indeed be a problem with the hardware or software. It's definitely tedious to dismount everything and move your possibly heavy computer to another room but it's less dangerous to both the hardware and software. In cases like VR where outside factors can influence the experience, I find it better to completely ensure that it's the Hardware or Software that's the problem and not something else. Fixing something that's not damaged can be potentially damaging on it's own.


Sorry if I can't be of more help. My HTC Vive hasn't arrived yet so I can't 100% confirm all my suggestions and fixes.


In the worst-case scenario, you'd have to file a ticket to customer support and possibly send it over to be fixed. HTC really doesn't like people poking around with their Hardware and in the first place, DIY Fixing the Lighthouses or the Vive is a difficult process on it's own even for professional DIY peoples.


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