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Black Friday offer not being honored by viveport


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I was on chat for over 1.5 hours today. I joined viveport on black Friday because of the offer held out for Super hot vr, wizards and a third game for a dollar as well as fallout vr.


I looked at my account recently and saw those games weren't in there. After all that time on the chat she refused to transfer me to anybody else or give an address where I can write a letter.


I don't know why those three games aren't show I g up in my account or my records but I remember purchasing them pretty vividly.


I haven't gone into my account much recently because I don't have the parts for the computer so it isn't built yet.


I pray that somebody can make this right. This is my first experience in vr and with Viveport. Pls don't let the negative things I read about support be true. And that Ana S. was just having a bad day.


Thank you in advance,




Ian S.

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