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Anyone have the same issue? Viveport rep. could not help & didnt escalate/help


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Is an

I saw the black Friday offer for fo4 and three games for a dollar as well as arcade saga. I remember that day bcause I am getting into vr for the first time. I remember going through the steps to get my promotional bonuses. For some reason they are not honoring the promotion. It's possible I missed a step or made some mistake, but I strongly believe it was something in the system

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Hi , 


Those titles were in limited supply. If you purchased them while they were still in stock at the $1 price and they aren't showing up in your account, I would recommend sending an email to store@viveport.com and they can look into it further for you. Unfortunately, on the Community Forum side of things, we are unable to look into your account and puchase history. So please do reach out to them. 


Thank you.

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