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Viveport download speeds INSANELY slow


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  • 2 years later...

same issues here. My speed test shows I am getting 300mps yet its been 45 mins trying to download VR zoo. I have been testing the Rift vs the Vive this week planning on keeping the better of the 2, so far this is my first day playing the vive and it has been nothing but issues, temporarily bricked controllers and sensors during updates (right out of the box). Huge pain the ass to fix and update (taken up and down off the wall like 3 times) I have been at the vive for 1.5 hours and have been only able to play 1 game (Ready Player One). On the Rift, I was able to download and play over 4 games that were 10GB each. So far this vive seem like a terrible experience, I am hoping it gets better. The graphics seems much lower resolution than the Rift (even though its not supposed to be) maybe its just the game, also tons of blur.

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