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Vive Pro just stops mid game


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I have 1 base station and 1 vive pro headset. the base station is on mode A and is directly infront and slightly below me. Everytime i try to get the two to work, steamVR always say that they are working but not tracking. when they do work they work fine. Today i was in the middle of a game and the headset freaked out then went to its blank blue screen. I never left the sight of the base station as my play area consists of my chair and thats it. i checked every cable and everything is plugged in.

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1 base station is always going to be less effective than two stations. Setting it above you is a good idea, but you should also set up a second base station in the opposite direction if you have the space for it, even with games like War Thunder and Elite: Dangerous.

Thank you,
-John C

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