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Vive and vive pros interfering


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So I have 4 vive pros set up on one side of our arcade, and 4 standard vives on the other side. They are all separated from the station next to them by drywall. Each play station is 7x7 feet, and the base stations are about 8 feet high.


The standard vives tracking is extremely glitchy. The the point where the are completely unplayable. I have brought them to other places to set them up and they worked fine, so I know they are not broken. The base stations are aimed directly at one another, and there is nothing reflective that could be causing the issue. Htc vives support line has been absolutely useless in this process. If anyone could offer some insight that would be great.. I’ve tried virtually everything

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You've already done most of the troubleshooting: We know that when they are moved to another area, they work. This means that the only possibility must be enivronmental. We can pair this down further by shutting down other base stations until the tracking is no longer disrupted. 

Without a picture of your arcade, I can't be certain, but it's certainly possible that they're disrupting each other across the room.

Thank you,

-John C

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Let's move this over to a support ticket. Please provide as much information as possible in your response to the ticket I generate (using the email address associated with your account) and include photos if possible. 


With the standard Vives, please include a SteamVR system report from one of the affected machines of a session that captures the issue in action. 

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