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Vive Focus Movement Unreal Engine

Spicy Tofu

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What is the best way to move around using the touchpad?


I have tried to change the VR Pawn class to Character, make the Character moving while touching the touchpad, however, it continuously shifting when there is no touch input. I added some nodes to stop the movement for that condition. But there is still a slightly shifting after the touchpad gets the touch off.


I am using UE 4.20.3 and the latest version of Wave SDK.


Thanks for answering.

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Hi ,


  1. “change the VR Pawn class to Character” you mentioned means you still use WaveVRPawn,right? If not, many function will invalid.
  2. “continuously shifting when there is no touch input “ It’s known issue now, we already fix in next release

If you want to fix it, you need to write c++ code to clean MotionController Axis as 0.  

Append the else part as follows (Red colored.)


Plugins/WaveVR/Source/WaveVRInput/Private/WaveVRInput.cppvoid FWaveVRInput::UpdateButtonTouchStates(EControllerHand hand)…    for (int i = 0; i < TouchButtonCount; i++)     {   ….    if (_curTouchState[i])        {….    }                     }}
  1. “there is still a slightly shifting after the touchpad gets the touch off.” This I guess it’s HMD’s pose shift, you can do BP ResetOrientationAndPosition to reset origin.

Thanks, and let us know if it's helpful.

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