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Focus 6DoF Controllers Solutions at CES 2019


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Hello all, 

I just wanted to quickly share that two of our technology partners (Finch and Chirp) will be each be showcasing their 6DoF controller solutions for Focus at CES 2019 - details below. 


Chirp (the solution that's used in the offical Vive Focus 6DoF Devkit)

Finch Shift  (Works with multiple Wave devices)



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, Finch Shfit controllers can be pre-ordered directly from Finch and should start shipping soon.


Per the Focus 6DoF Devkit, I know numbers of kits are ramping up in Q1 but I'm not privy to specifics of those details as I'm not on the Focus team and am a generalized support tech. I would defer that question to a member of the Focus team proper. 

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