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Base Station 2.0 and Controller 2.0, Where are they?


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So, I've been patiently waiting for these to finally release and they has not been a song peep yet on when thats going to happen. I'm eager to upgrade from my older stuff so I can sell off my old system. I can't get rid of it if they do not have base stations or controllers so it sitting in my closet collecting dust. Come on HTC, when the hell are the new base stations and controllers going to be released? It's been almost a year since the Pro has been released, AND your selling the 2.0 stuff in a complete package. Why won't you sell the 2.0 stuff separate so people can buy them? What's taking so **bleep** long?

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I was just at CES.  A couple of the folks I talked to there at the HTC location at the Wynn said they thought they were available for sale now.  I cannot find them for sale anywhere.  I think they were just saying that at the show to avoid any backlash in front of other people. 

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A couple of notes:

  • 2.0 compatible controllers have been listed for sale for some time now - here's a link to their listing in the US webstore
  • 2.0 basestations are manufactured by Valve and not HTC. We have simply not been authorized by Valve to sell the basestations individually and they're currently only authorized to be sold within the enterprise bundle (aka Vive Pro Full Kit). Valve is the technology owner for SteamVR including 2.0 basestations and thus many aspects of that ecosystem fall under their management, not ours.  We should hear more about Valve's plan for SteamVR 2.0 soon.
    • I know this is a frustrating answer but 2.0 basestations are not an HTC product - they're a Valve product. You're always welcome to provide Valve direct feedback on the lack of availability on their forums and channels. 
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