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I'm just gonna leave this right here. Look to the Cosmos....

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The Vive Focus is situated as an enterprise product - it has some very specific enterprise features and development of the Focus HW platform remains ongoing.


CES is kind of white noise with so many companies trying to simultaneously get as as much press as possible all at once. Things will start to become clearer in the near future as we start communicating the public roadmap for 2019.


The announcement for Cosmos truly was a teaser - as  said above, more info coming soon. 

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No launch date on Pro yet - we're wrapping upproductizationn and working with developer partners integration behind the scenes.

The upgrade kit that we're endorsing is from aGlass, you may be able to reach out to them about their product, As it's not an HTC first party device, we're unlikely to comment on their plans until they start moving forward. 

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