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HTC Vive display glitching out


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I recently had some display glitches on my Vive HMD, the display turns on and I can see the tracking working, however the left eye shows picture for a few seconds and blacks out, continuing to do this for a while, while the right eye is constantly flickering colors like old static TVs, until that also blacks out.


I did some research and people who had experienced this recommended replacing the 3-1 cable. I replaced the 3-1 cable, however I'm still experiencing the same problem.


In SteamVR settings, under USB, all my devices are detected except "Hub Controller" under the Link Box section.


How do I fix this?

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This also just happened to me today. I was having issues with my computer even before then with windows explore running in the background and using high memory and CPU. I restarted the computer and then loaded up Beat Saber. then I played a song and halfway through it, the screen went black. and exactly like you said, the right eyepiece started to glitch out like a static tv screen, but the lines were diagonal from bottom left to top right.  I don't know if its the computer or the HTC. I don't seem to even have a 3-1 cable so I wouldn't say its that, but I'm thinking somehow the monitor in the inside got damaged somehow, or there is a loose wire inside or my HDMI coord is going bad.

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