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HTC Vive Ghosting


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Hello everyone!

So since my other threads were largely left ignored, I took the bullet and bought a HTC Vive along with a Deluxe Headstrap for the convenience.

Now my main gaming rig I use to play the Vive is a laptop with Optimus Technology, so I naturally expected bad framerates and such. I can handle stuttery movement just fine. However the problem is that my VR Experience has been actually fairly buttery smooth for the first 2 weeks until the middle of last week where there's just an abhorent amount of Ghosting everywhere. My game would run at a fine 80-90 FPS with no reprojection while sitting still but the moment I move my headset, the image doubles sort of like an afterimage from my head moving. The faster I move my head, the more the afterimage is apparent (hence the term "ghosting").  It does not matter whether I'm in-game, in the Steam Overlay, or at Steam Home.


My laptop has a 1050ti (4GB), i7-7700HQ, 16 GB of RAM. I've tried reinstalling Nvidia drivers and rolling back to version 388.59 with the problem still persisting. I've tried pretty much every combination of settings in the Nvidia Control Panel that one can think of; ASW and Always On Reprojection safely does absolutely nothing and performance certainly isn't the issue since I've put everything on the best performance I can make it go to (Down to 10% Resolution in the headset to still see the effect visible).


This is a problem because this ghosting effect is seriously effecting my eyes and is giving me massive headaches that lasts into the next morning sort of like a hangover. 



 except that it's a lot more stuttery.


Any help is appreciated because I seriously cannot play anything anymore due to this. I stomached this for the last 4 days and I felt like puking this morning due to playing in VR for 30 minutes the night before.


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