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Left Controller almost completely unusable after 14 days of ownership.


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I'm actually getting pretty bummed out with the level of support from HTC, I made a post 3 days ago and submitted a email ticket about a loss of tracking issue with my left controller and recieved no help from both the community section and htc's support email. I tried all solutions from others with similar issues and from the vive subreddit with the exception of taking about the controller and manually fixing it myself since id rather not lose my warranty.


I've only had this product for 14 days and already the left controller is now completely unusable. When in game it will not track at all now and not stay still even when sitting on the ground. My email to HTC ended with an automatic reply  saying someone would be in touch soon followed by silence and it's at the point where I'm tempting a full refund for the whole product. I have yet to strike the remote or bump into any objects. It quite literally sits atop a pillow yet has lost all functionality at exactly 2 weeks(without even that much use). This is unacceptable for a product that costs a hundred dollars more than the competition. I cant play any games I want due to only having one functioning controller and both controllers have a god awful squeak in the triggers which I learned from reddit goes away when you blow on it which is just comical.


If anyone has any help they could offer apart from firmware, fully resetting up my room and vr ( done twice ) or covering every reflective surface in the room and moving everything but my pc out of it leaving no obstructions ( since I did those too) I would love to hear it because if not im going to just get my money back and wait on a finished product to be on the market.

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