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Headset tracking


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I have set up my room with the two base stations in opposite corners, and have them both angled down about 35 degrees. I have all the reflective surfaces removed and or covered in my play area, and and checked all the cables multiple times. My headset keeps losing tracking for some unknown reason and makes most, if not all games unplayable. I will be able to play for about a couple minutes before my headset in game will jitter around, and then suddenly fly out of bounds while my controllers are still tracking perfectly fine. I cannot find a solution besides the things I have already done. Is it because of my height? I am about 6'3 and have my base stations at the max height in my room which is about 6'5 and they are only about 12 feet apart. Do I need to angle them back upwards so it can track my head better? Any suggestions would be helpful. 

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