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HTC vive pro, green light but display screen is black


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renderTimingPixel.pngSo I just bought a HTC vive pro, I set up everything correctly. Everything works perfectly except for the display. Even the headset light is green but it won't show anything on the headset. The audio works perfectly and the controllers too, if I use the mirror display on steam VR it shows what will be on the headset even though the display is still black. I tried unplugging everything, rebooting everything, and reinstalling everything, but nothing works. Please help......
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Are you getting any error messages at all or is that the only issue? If you're getting lights and audio, data and power is being transfered. If reseating the cable doesn't work, you might just need to return it for a replacement. The sooner you get started on that the better.

Thank you,

-John C

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