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Headset plugged into wrong video card


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So I have quite a strange setup, I will try to explain this as clearly as possible. I run two seperate PCs, one for gaming and one for streaming.


My gaming PC has two 1080ti GPUs, with SLI disabled. SLI is disabled because I have five "monitors" that need to be run at once, the limit on the 1080ti is four.


Let me divide my displays by GPU.



1080ti #1:

  • Main Monitor - Display Port #1
  • HTC Vive - HDMI Port
  • AV.io 4k Video/Audio Capture Card - Display Port #2 w/ active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
    • Important Note: My AV.io Card is mirroring my main monitor thru windows, and transfers the video & audio to my streaming PC (Must remain this way, a splitter won't work. Trust me).

1080ti #2(Note: My Main monitor is on 1080ti #1!)

  • Second Monitor - DP #1
  • Third Monitor - DP #2

Here is a visual representation (The Vive doesn't show up):



Okay, that is how my five displays are divided up on my GPUs. Now, here's the problem. Everytime I go to play a VR game, SteamVR always says "Headset plugged into wrong video card" with a description of how to fix the issue. The thing is, the Vive is already plugged into the same GPU as my main monitor.


On Nvidia Control Panel, it shows that all GPUs are being used, even tho SLI is disabled:


I have tried the following:

  • Setting only the VR game to use only the first 1080ti
  • Setting only SteamVR to only use the first 1080ti
  • Setting both SteamVR and the game to use the first 1080ti only
  • Using a splitter instead of Windows to mirror my main display with my AV.io
    • Note: I cannot mirror displays on different GPUs, so moving my AV.io or main display to 1080ti #2 is not an option.
  • Yes, what I am referring to as my "main monitor" is set as my primary display both in Windows and Nvidia control panel.
  • Yes, my linkbox is setup correctly. I have triple checked.

If you have any ideas to solve this bizarre issue, please let me know!


Thank you!


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