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Vivewave Support UE4 4.21


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Hello Vive Community,

We've got a project that was build using Unreal Engine 4 4.21. From what we know 4.21 doesn't have Vivewave support - would greatly appreciate confirmation on this. Considering that, what would be our best bet about getting our 4.21 project over on the Vive Focus? 



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Hi  ,


The latest SDK is under testing process for backward compatible etc.

I'll keep you posted.

We have a preliminary version to support UE4.21 for demo purpose currently for MWC/GDC events, but it's not proper for you to publish on Viveport.


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We're working on a project on 4.21. For now we're trying to use the SDK using a test project in 4.20, but it'll be great if we can try the project directly on the Vive Focus. Is it possible to have a link to a beta version of the 4.21? Of course not to publish any content.


Also the 4.22 is coming in March with some goodness about mobile and VR. Have you plans to make a quick update for 4.22? If not, is it possible to have instructions to update the plugin by ourself? Unreal is evolving a lot on the mobile side, it's great for everyone to be able to use latest versions.

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Yeah, the Per platform LOD is so good! It's easier to port a PC game to mobile thanks to that feature. Also compilation time, graphics refactoring and C++ live coding are great additions to the engine. We definitly need a 4.22 port asap.

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