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Wireless Adaptor out of stock?


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Hey, trying to order the Wireless Adaptor for Vive in Belgium/Netherlands but it's out of stock everywhere (even here when I switch store to belgium). I'm really aching to add this to my setup!


Any information on a new batch anytime soon? :-)

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Consider yourself lucky (at present time), i bought the vive wireless adapter and it just works on some games.


Best advice anyone can give you is:

Look at the reviews on this domain, go to tech support and search, you will find so many people pissed off (like me), it does not deliver what they say it does, if i where you i would wait till they fix the product, do not buy now since it may never be fixed and you will throw your cash away like many did.


I hope they do fix it since wireless is the best accessorie you can buy for VR, check tech support and wait for people stating it now works as it should, then buy.



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