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error 1008, 43200(Launch Failed 0x0000a8c0)


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On Nov. 24~25th Viveport had promotion 'Free Arcade Saga VR game for VIVEPORT subscribers.' 
I was able to get this promo and everything was fine until couple weeks ago.
For some reason, this game no longer shows in my vive port library and everytime I try to launch with desktop app,
It is giving me error message "Launch Failed Error code 1008"
When I try to launch from steam app , and it showing 'Launch Failed' 43200 (0X0000A8C0)

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I am having the same problem. 

In November 2018 they had a promotion on Viveport to get Super Hot for a dollar.

I purchased it on November 20th.

I ended up canceling my Viveport subscription after the monthly free trial. Now whenever I go to launch Super Hot I get this error message:

"Launch Failed

Viveport App does not launh

Error 1012 (0x000003F4) "

Can you help me as well?

Can you just not play purchased content without a subscription?




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