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HMD loses picture and other vomit inducing phenomenon.


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Hey everyone,


Hopefully someone has had this issue, and can help me resolve it.


When ever I bring my controllers up to my HMD like I'm adjusting it on my head for example, the screens will go solid black or solid white, or the picture will stop moving all togther.  Sometimes the controllers look like they fall through the floor, or the picture zooms out, like way out.  Some times I'll watch a controller just float away in some arbitrary direction. In every case, if I pull the HMD off and look at the steam app, it says HMD unresponsive.


All firmware has been updated.  There are no reflective surfaces that are interfering with the base stations, and there is nothing obstructing their line of sight.  Hell I even have the  link cable plugged in.  I've tried reloading the Steam VR, and vive software.


Typically it takes the HMD about 3-5 seconds before everthing comes back on, or gets back to normal.  I've got the 3in1 cable secure and its not being tugged on when I'm playing.  The only thing I can think of that is "abnormal" about my set up is I have 1 base station side ways, and the other one upside down.  But I was told by a tech here that the orientation of the base stations didn't matter. 


This is a reasonably new unit, about 6 months old, and has probably around 100 hours on it. Anyone have and ideas?



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Part of this sounds normal, part of it sounds abnormal. When you move your hands towards the HMD, you're occluding the sensors on the HMD from the basestations and the HMD's displays should become grey/white to indicate a loss of tracking. That's a limitation of SteamVR tracking - you risk the HMD loosing tracking if you block the sensors. That part is totally normal.

The screens turning to black is abnormal - as is the subsequent tracking and distortion issues. It sounds like changing the demand on your GPU/CPU does something to cause SteamVR to hang. This will be very difficult to assist you with troubleshooting as it's specific to your system... Places to start checking are your power management settings, trying a different USB port, and seeing if anything stands out in your SteamVR log.


In any case, everything you're saying indicates that it's likely an issue with either the SteamVR runtime or the resources that power the SteamVR runtime (i.e. your PC/OS). You may want to try to capture the event in SteamVR log. 

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Started out great fun to play. About a week and a half past the return date the vive stopped working. We did all the trouble shooting on steam and htc's sites nothing helped. Contacted HTC Tec support they gave a few others to try but they didn't work. Sent the head set in for repair. HTC is telling me to pay $270.00 for the repair. they say its water damaged. How can you make something that gets strapped to your body (head) and not make it water (sweat) proof. I own watches and phones that are water proof. And for the head set not to be is a manufacturer flaw. Also HTC changed the wording of their warrantee from does not cover water damage other than perspiration to does not cover water damage. So now I'll have to contact a lawyer , BBB and consumer protection agency

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