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setup for Three Vive Base stations 1.0

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Thanx again,


It means I can not increase playarea with base station 1.0. Actually, I want to use two Vive Pro HMD at a time ((like Multiplayer))and also at one PC. When I connect two vive pro HMD, Steam detects only one. How do I set up to use two HMD at a time at one PC? Is it also depends on particular VR application? 


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I responded to this via the support ticket you submitted. In short, the only way to run two SteamVR instances on the same PC is via VM - it's a pain in the ass and not highly recommended. 


It is impossible to get more than 2 - 1.0 Stations to work within the same line of sight of each other. 2.0 stations can array upto 4 stations per SteamVR instance on compatible hardware. 

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