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2.0 base station sound compared to 1.0


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Hey, I'm curious if there is less sound in the 2.0 base station compared to the 1.0 when they are on.
I own 1.0 and that high pitched motor sound is fairly annoying to me, and looking to better my experience by perhaps upgrading. 


Thanks :)

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The 2.0 stations are quiter (they have less moving parts) than 1.0 stations - I don't think it's a big enough of a difference to warrant an upgrade but I guess it's subjective based on how intact your hearing is above 20kHz. 


Are you somehow still able to hear the rotors when you're in the HMD and have the headphones on? I've never seen a report like this.  

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Hey, thank you for your quick response :). 

If money was not an issue, I just wanted to know the difference. 

I believe everything is functioning as intended, its just me being nitpicking. 
It's just my subjective annoyance / sensitivity on high pitched sounds. 

Have a great day :) 

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I totally get it - one of my basestations is only a few two from my head when I lay in bed (SF u_u) and I definitely unplug them when I'm not using them due to the hum. 


I just played around with some stations - the 2.0 stations seem to be higher pitched but they have to be within a foot of my head for me to hear them at all - granted I defintely have some hearing loss from years of headphone abuse. I wasn't able to pick up a reading using the decibel meter I had handy as it wasn't sensitive enough. 

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