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Focus+ 6dof Controllers Dev Kit Information


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  If you've received a Focus+ 6dof controller dev kit, you are testing an early prototype version of the kit and software. Please help us to improve by giving us your constructive feedback and suggestions. [update] The final version of the Focus+ will be released for commercial distribution in mid Q2 2019.  If you've purchased the Focus+, then the attached Dev Kit Installation Guide will not apply to you. 


    To get started, refer to our 6dof Controller Dev Kit Start Guide.  In this guide you will find information about the hardware, instructions on how to setup your Focus with the 6dof controllers and faceplate, known issues, and ADB commands that allow you to connect your Focus wirelessly to your PC.

   Make sure to update your HMD to the latest ROM (currently version 1.93.1400.x) BEFORE putting on the 6dof faceplate. Previous dev kit ROMs are not able to recognize the 6dof controllers. You can update the device by tapping on the 3dof Finch controller’s Home (O) button > Settings > System Update.


  For more information about the Focus and Wave development check out the Vive Developer Resources Guide.If you’re a Unity Developer, then Getting Started with Unity and Wave SDK will be very helpful. If you’re looking for community help, be sure to visit the Wave SDK Forum to find answers to your questions or to ask new questions you may have. And for those that want to find some fun right away, be sure to visit the Viveport M store and download Sure Shot so that you can freely move and shoot in all your 6dof glory!

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re looking forward to experiencing what you create.

  Thank you,

  The Vive VR Team 

6DOF Controller Dev-Kit Installation Guide_v01.pdf

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