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Error 208 Again...


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I can tell you right off the bat that nothing is wrong with the hardware. All cables and boxes and everything are functional. The problem is purely technical. Now my question is what's wrong with my computer? Are there programs that are known to mess with Vive? I've updated all drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled steam vr drivers, and partially reinstalled windows. Some technical fixes would be highly appreciated.

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A couple of things to try:
1. Bypass your linkbox if you're on the original Vive. Just plug straight into the PC from the HMD.
2. Make sure your monitors and your Vive are plugged into the same GPU. Don't use onboard graphics.
3. Make sure you're running in Direct Mode, not Extended Mode.
4. Make sure you're installing everything and running as an Administrator on your PC

Thank you,

-John C

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