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Help fault 03


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After a week not using the htc vive. turned it on to play a little bit. 
connect evrything and its updating.. fine by me.

then one of the base station become red dot indicator blinking and written in steamvr:
A base station has developed an internal probleme (fault 03). please power cycle the base station with the red blinking indicator light. if the cindition persists, please contact the manufacturer for assitance.

so here i'm. how can i fix it?

P.S. i'm from Israel, my friend bought me the htc vive outside the country and bring it to me as a present. 
what should i do?

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, Return Merchandise Authorization. The basestations are mechanical devices and a fault 03 indicates an issue that must be physically serviced. 


The best way to request a repair RMA is via our live chat. You'll collect the SN of the affected unit, go to www.vive.com/support, click "contact us" in the top righthand corner of the header, then select "start live chat" on the following page. 

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