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Will vive run in my laptop? (actually not that simple)


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First things first, here is my laptop


Laptop model is Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN

Graphics: nvidia geforce 1050 4G

Cpu: Intel core i5 7300HQ

RAM: 8Gb ddr4


I know I wont be able to play most games with good fps, but what I actually want to know is, will my laptop or vive software detect the headset?

I currently have the oculus cv1, and have a chance to exchange it for a vive. Oculus software doesnt even detect the headset when I plug the hdmi in, in other reddit post they told me that my 1050 is not enough for oculus and I need atleast a 1060, will vive do the same thing? Or does it work in every computed regardless of the performance?


I can provide more information if you need it, also sorry for the english

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There have been a handful of posts over the last two years about this laptop - I've unfortunately yet to see a case in which someone was able to get the Vive to run with this laptop. The 1050 simply has a really low transistor count and thus you really can't get the HMD past the initialization phase let alone fully booted into a VR app. The Vive has slightly higher system requirements than the Oculus to boot. 


You may be able to drive one of the entry level Windows MR HMDs with this laptop but even then you're not fully within their system requirements. Your CPU is below the req's for WMR but they claim a 1050 can be used.  

Overall that laptop simply isn't meant for demanding gaming and is mostly for casual gamers and older titles. I would not recommend purchasing a Vive to use with that specific laptop.  

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