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Headset Losing Tracking


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Vive seems to work fine in SteamVR room, but loses headset tracking seconds after launching any other application. It won’t track again unless i reboot the Vive. Putting the headset in front of the lighthouse does nothing. Sometimes even the lighthouse icons go grey in steam VR.


-Nvidia drivers are updated

-USB drivers are updated

-I’ve tried plugging the 3in1 cable into the pc directly, same result.

-I’ve disabled the front camera

-I’ve run setup numerous times

-I’ve run room setup numerous times

-I have roughly 2.5m x 2m of play space

-I’ve tried uninstalling vive related software in the past, as people on forums refer to it as bloatware, no change.

-I have spoken with Vive Support twice already and done everything they asked. No change

-Covering/ removing all reflective material

-Taking in and out the wires inside the HMD, to the hub and out

-Remove all SteamVR USB Devices

-Set pc to Maximum Performance

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Started out great fun to play. About a week and a half past the return date the vive stopped working. We did all the trouble shooting on steam and htc's sites nothing helped. Contacted HTC Tec support they gave a few others to try but they didn't work. Sent the head set in for repair. HTC is telling me to pay $270.00 for the repair. they say its water damaged. How can you make something that gets strapped to your body (head) and not make it water (sweat) proof. I own watches and phones that are water proof. And for the head set not to be is a manufacturer flaw. Also HTC changed the wording of their warrantee from does not cover water damage other than perspiration to does not cover water damage. So now I'll have to contact a lawyer , BBB and consumer protection agency

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