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Getting access to external USB camera on Vive Focus


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Trying to connect an USB - UVC camera on the USB type C port of the Vive Focus doesn't work. Due to an issue with Android 7.1 (version the Vive Focus is running on), we are not able to access UVC camera inside a Unity app.


Do you have any tips to get it working? Or do you have any Android upgrade available for Wave SDK ?


Thnaks for your support

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Hi, thanks for your answer and happy new year!


Can you be more specific about your development process for using an RGB UVC camera on the vive focus?


What do you mean by 2Dlauncher? Does it mean remove this line bellow from the app's manifest in order to switch the app to window mode ?

<category android:name="com.htc.intent.category.VRAPP" />


And what do you mean with launcher via vysor? (I'm not able to click the interface with vysor)

Thanks for your support

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Hi  ,


We need further info. to help clarification.

Can you see USB permission dialog pop-up when you insert USB device and do you mean the failure is you can't see that? Or other abnormal symptom?

Is it okay for you to provide USB camera info. (product name)?

Is the camera working on other Android Phone?


Thanks a lot for this feedback. 


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We do have the permission popup when connecting the camera, the issue is the access right on buffer file system used by UVC driver.

But anyway, we get it working by using an RGB camera without embedded mic. I mean, we first start using classic webcam (logitech and microsoft), and its not working with this kind of hardware. Using a more specific UVC RGB camera without embedded mic it works fine.



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Hi  ,


To help us to clarify more detail, please help us to get back the log.

You can refer below steps, thanks.

  1. Connect device to PC.
  2. adb usb
  3. adb tcpip 5555
  4. adb shell ifconfig wlan0
  5. adb connect x.x.x.x:5555 ,(please refer to step 4 inet addr:x.x.x.x)
  6. disconnect device to PC
  7. adb logcat.
  8. Connect OTG device.

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