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Trouble with purchase


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This is probably not the right place to go about for help. But I'm lost. Please give advice.


In July last year I purchased the vive pro starter kit. When I unpacked it and plugged it in I had some issues and the support told me I had a fried link box. Since it was brand new they said I could return the starter kit and get a full replacement.


After sending the starter kit back a week or more later I recieved a new HMD. I thought the controllers and base station would come later but they never did. So I contacted support again and they told me I wasn't supposed to send in the controllers and base stations and they would look into it. After multiple calls and different support people e-mailing me, weeks of silence, It wasn't until September they said they would refund me for those items.


Well the refund was split in two halves of $156 each. A base station is $134 by itself. That refund barely covers the base stations and the controllers are nearly the same price. That means to get everything I had originally purchased I will have to spend over $200 more than the original starter kit price. Not to mention the hassle aand the extra shipping I have had to pay for.


Currently I've been sending the support team e-mails but have gotten no responses. Today I sent another hopefully this time will be different. But does anybody else have a solution for this? Or am I just screwed?

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