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No Headset Detected: Controller tracking issue


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(note: I am not the best with navigating/posting in forums so please excuse my terrible descriptions)

I have been on and off with vive support as well as steam support for the better part of a year now and still have this same issue.
My htc vive which I purchased in November of 2017 and had it working for the most part. Around March 2018 I ran into the issue of my controllers not tracking unless plugged in through USB. Any time I try to select pairing options in steamvr I am given the error message: No Headset Detected, Your headset must be connected properly in order to pair new controllers.


Through my time with vive support I have tried mostly all the troubleshooting methods they have given me ranging from using usbdeview to uninstalling and reinstalling both steamvr and vive/viveport as well as physically reconnecting my cables in most ways imaginable.

This mainly culminated in sending my headset and my controllers in multiple times with every time still not resolving my initial issue. I have seen few post about this same issue so at least I know that I am not the only one with this issue but as I try to get this issue solved and have been patient with the support team my warrenty unfortionately ran out, as so I am now currently out of options and can only use the community boards to help unless I want to spend half of what I paid already just for a shot of possibly fixing my issue.


I am happy to add anymore detail to this post as I am not adept in this.

thanks for the read!




No Headset Detected
Your headset must be connected properly in order to pair new controllers


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This is just a little insight to what I was thinking.

I did try borrowing a friend's vive and bringing my system to their place and I got my vive to work and pair properly in their system and their working vive came accross my same issue onto my system. So at this point I think its an issue with my system but I don't know the cause and hopfully there will be a fix for my issue or another way to work around my problem.

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Started out great fun to play. About a week and a half past the return date the vive stopped working. We did all the trouble shooting on steam and htc's sites nothing helped. Contacted HTC Tec support they gave a few others to try but they didn't work. Sent the head set in for repair. HTC is telling me to pay $270.00 for the repair. they say its water damaged. How can you make something that gets strapped to your body (head) and not make it water (sweat) proof. I own watches and phones that are water proof. And for the head set not to be is a manufacturer flaw. Also HTC changed the wording of their warrantee from does not cover water damage other than perspiration to does not cover water damage. So now I'll have to contact a lawyer , BBB and consumer protection agency

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Third update: After looking through many different fourms and seeing all different types of fixes I have tried one that kinda stood out but over all it still did not work so I haven't solved my original issue.

The fix was that the connections for my audio settings were not correct so I tried changing them up, but I noticed something else. I attached a picture of my usb connections and I noticed that the hub controller and audio devices weren't working and as I already used usbdview with vive support I don't have the tech skill to solve this issue and I think this might be the root of the whole issue.

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