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Grey flash on screen.


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Hello, I know this forum has been made too many times; I've gone through many of them personally but just havent found anything that works. Please bear in mind that I am not great with computers and stuff, so if you are going to help me out please do what you can to dumb down everything as much as possible, lol.

Okay, so I have done pretty much everything I can think of to get this grey area fixed, and have only made it worse. It used to be only one corner of my play area, but I have somehow worsened it and it feels like its almost the whole area behind me, which makes alot of things unplayable. Also I used to be able to like, stare into that area and within 10 seconds the grey would clear up (if I moved it would come back but if I'm playing a game like superhot, at least I'd get a chance to take a look at it) but it no longer does that and just stays grey; so I wouldn't exactly say its a grey "flash" but thats what other people have called it so I'm just going to call it that.

I have redid the room set up too many times to count; I switched the base stations around; I change the height; they are *almost* perfectly angled at eachother; I have tried covering up some of the sensors (I saw some people said it was a sensor on the headset and they just covered it up with a sticker, but unfortunately not for me); I have covered up the tv/relfective surface; I even completely reset my computer to see if it wasnt something downloaded that was giving it issues, but that wasn't it; I did the "remove all SteamVR USB devices" and I see below it now "disable power management" which explains below that if you experience loss in tracking that that might help so that is something I will try after I finish writing this up; I live in the basement so the only one area of sunlight that could possibly be coming in, the door has been closed; I made sure it was in a 2.0. and I'm pretty sure I even switched 2.0 ports; and there's probably more that I have tried but I cannot remember everything I have done.

My base stations are near perfectly looking at eachother, I'd say they are less than 5 degrees off of being straight at eachother.

My vive is about 4 months old now but has been doing it since the day I got it, and I'm getting pretty frustrated with it to say the least. My next idea is to shell out almost $600cad to get the wireless adapter, but that's the last thing I'm going to try as thats a lot of money for something I don't really need right now. I also contacted vive support both on email and on twitter when I first got it, and they were convinced it was an environment issue, specifically sunlight, but as I mentioned before I live in the basement and where I am there is no chance of sunlight to get in anyway, so it cannot be that.

So please, if anyone could help me, I would be very grateful.

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Does it happen more or less often in particular directions or places in your room? It's possible one of the base stations isn't functioning at 100% If you can, please take a photo of both of the base stations (not if you're using an iPhone though) and we can check and make sure all the correct lights are there.

Thank you,

-John C

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