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Controller tracking issue with a frustrating story


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For the past 4 months (really) I have been trying to find a solution to my HTC Vive Pro controller not tracking properly.

The controller (always the same one) jitters and floats away in random directions, often disappearing and reappearing later. It disappears more often when making fast movements. The issue is similar to what others have reported and what has often turned out to be a reflection issue. However, I am confident it is not the culprit in this case. I have gone to extreme lenghts to try and diagnose and/or resolve this issue, but to no avail.


The steps I have taken:

  • Tried the setup in 5 different rooms, in 4 different houses, in 2 different countries. Some rooms had a parquet floor, some had carpet. Some had window blinds, some had curtains, some had shutters. Some had a normal lightbulb, some had LED lights. Some had painted walls, some had wallpapers. Should be a varied enough sample. Oh, and I tried 3 different computers.
  • In all of these rooms, I covered up every single possible reflective object in the room. Thoroughly. In my latest try, I even borrowed a carpet from a friend to cover the floor, I hung bedsheets in front of window blinds, I turned off and covered the monitor, laid a towel on my wooden tabel, hid my phone, and in general covered pretty much every surface in the room with non-reflective cloths. I turned off all light sources and heaters in the room to remove IR interference. Trust me, there were absolutely no reflections in the room, and if by some magical holy intervention there were, it is beyond ridiculous that it would affect tracking to such extent in these conditions.
  • I have tried only connecting one of the controllers, the other one works perfectly fine, while the broken one behaves identically regardless of the other one being present.
  • I have tried setting up the beacons in different corners of the room, changing their alignment, changing their height, fixing them with screws, with tape and setting them upon cupboards. I have tried them separately with the other turned off. I have run the room calibration a million times.
  • I have updated and re-installed the firmware on every device I could, multiple times.
  • I have disabled any setting said to cause interference (headset camera) and also tried enabling any setting that could help. In general, I have toggled pretty much every setting on and off and tested the result.
  • I have, and this is the crucial part, sent both the entire set to warranty repairs, where it was allegedly fixed, but came back in the same broken state, and afterwards the controller alone to warranty repairs, from where it was sent back with no fault discovered.
  • I have contacted the HTC support, which after taking their sweet time replying to every e-mail, insisted the fault is not in the devices but in reflections, which, quite honestly, is absurd at this point.
  • And many more things I can't remember anymore, but which were suggested in various similar threads.

I am a persistent guy, but I truly cannot imagine any other steps I can possibly  take to solve this issue, and HTC support is unwavering in their claim that everything is perfectly fine, while the controller spasming 20 meters away from me in the mountains of VR home is pretty clear evidence (to me) that everything is not perfectly fine with my 1.5k VR set, and there is nothing I have left to do about it.

Apparently, HTC's claim that everything is in order with the controller does not mean they are willing to replace it for me. In theory, it should make no difference, right? A "working" controller for a working controller should not be an issue.


I am open to your suggestions on how to fix this issue, but if it's been mentioned before in any similar thread, I have very likely tried it. 

This whole thing has been beyond frustrating, especially considering what the whole set cost. It would be funny if it weren't painfully annoying.

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Had to remember my account details just to reply to this.

I am having the EXACT same issue. Just one of the controllers keeps randomly spazzing/ disappearing on me and it has been frustrating me to no end!
I have had to put up with this issue for over 2 years now and I still haven't found any solutions. goddamit HTC, we just want our overly expensive devices to function as intended.


Did you end up finding a solution?

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I have exactly the same experience, a controller, currently it's the left, doing weird things with heratic movement.

I also tested with three PCs! 2.0 and 1.0 stations, with various Valve index and Wands controller sets.

I also checked several setups, covered all surfaces likely to generate a problem ..

But still at the same point, and my vive pro has already made 3 trips for nothing, because the after-sales service does not find anything abnormal in their tests and therefore does not take any action each time.

I also signal that I have a Vive OG which has no problem with the same base stations and controllers ...

That all.. , I crack, I do not know what to do.

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