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Base Station returned back faulty 4 times


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So the fight to fix my base station continues. 4 times in a row now the Vive Base Station has been sent back unrepaired. The last time they messaged me saying I had to pay 72 euros to get it back repaired or 35 Euro for logistics and inspection fee. So either way I couldn't just get it back for free. So I sent an email to the repair company a few days later to question why I had to pay this price for a repair which was the exact same one performed 3 times before and had not fixed the problem. I got no response for at least a week. Then, the only response was "you didn't respond so we sent it back unrepaired". This is what HTC said. However, the repair company, CTDI, sent me a repair report with no information about why it was repaired. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this makes me thing that it was repaired? However, for the fourth time in a row, it didn't work when I got it, even though it had a plastic film over the front. So I sent then an email questioning why I was being charged even though I was sent a repair report. They responded with "it's out of warranty". I knew that! You told me it in the first place! The reason I'm questioning the price is because it has not been fixed 4 times in a row. This is either miscommunication between HTC and the repair company or just plain ignorance. If you have any other solutions or know someone independent who fixes Vive stuff in the UK let me know.

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