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Porting from PC to/from mobile with a single button with VIU


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If you haven't seen this yet, we have a developer blog entry introducing the Wave SDK to developers to target mobile standalone All-In-One (AIO) devices like the Vive Focus:



It also shows how to use the VIU Unity plugin to easily maintain one code base when working on PC platforms (Vive, Vive Pro,  Oculus Rift, and more) for porting to or from Android based mobile platforms like Vive Wave, Oculus Go, Google Daydream.

Graphics and UI porting considerations aside, when it comes to maintaining a single code base to manage all input like 3dof or  6dof controllers the only thing you need to do to switch targets to or from Windows to Android is to change your build target under File->Build Settings: 


VIU will detect the switch and appropriately setup the correct mobile or PC platform you had set up making it easy to switch platforms to create builds. You can debug on one platform (or use the Simulator) and build for another.



To initially set the supported platforms, go to VIU settings under Edit->Preferences:










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