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Purchasing spare parts


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Where can I buy part number 83H90207-00.  I originally sent my HMD in for repair, and the whole job was ignored, I details it in the job #, I even included a picture of the fault when I sent the unit off for repair.  This was all ignored and you made up some ficticuous fault and repaired that instead.


So ofc my headset is out of warranty, I want to repair it myself (I know ill do the job right) but I am having trouble getting hold of parts.  They are available from a russian company but thats not good for me over in the UK.  I know HTC have sent out spare parts to people in the past but at an extrotinate markup.  E.g part number 74H03111-10M, costs about £5 from this Russian site so probably costs you about £1 (probably a less) ... you tried to sell it for  £212!  This is why company such as youself get a bad rep.  All I want is a fair price to get my faulty headset working.  Failing that ill chuck it in the bin and buy a new headset and it wont be a htc.

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