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HTC Identity login required several times a day


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For years everything worked fine.  Now all of a sudden the HTC Identity popup is constantly nagging me telling me I need to log in again.  The worst thing about this is it doesn't save the password and the popup is globally modal so it covers everything until I resolve it.  Sometimes I have 3-4 of these things popping up on my screen at the same time.  I'm moments from just uninstalling it.


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I tried sending via PM, but it wouldn't let me (tried sending one, it removed HTML tags and then said I'd sent too many). Here's my response:


This isn't on the forums, this is with the PC process Htc.Identity.Authenticator.exe which seems to be a part of Vive or Viveport install. It happens multiple times periodically throughout the day when I'm using the machine. It's irritating as I can be in a totally different game in full screen and this will pop up, and take window focus. I've tried logging in with Steam, dismissing it by closing it, all result in it popping up some hours later (not exactly sure on the frequency). The images look just like in the OPs post. I'm not on VPN. I'm on a comcast wifi network. I'm not using VR when this happens. I don't notice it when I'm idle, as I'm not paying attention but can sometimes come back to my PC with several dialogs up waiting. It also happens when I'm active on the machine (playing a game, browsing the web, etc. I've not noticed  it happening when clicking on a specific part of the screen.


Let me know if there is any other information, and I'll get it to you as quickly as possible.


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A member of our tech staff should have reached out individually via email to the users above. We were unable to directly reproduce the issue but are monitoring this cluster of issues and reaching out to individuals to troubleshoot 1:!. 


If you're reading this and have a similar issue; please reach out directly via customerservice@viveport.com for assistance. 

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