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Is there a Trick or Program to Switch "Controllers'" motion tracking?


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I have my trackers strapped around my hands. I'd like to find some kind of way to tell the game I'm playing (VRChat) to pretend that the motion of those trackers is instead the motion of the Vive controllers. This will let me put my hands on objects, like my keyboard or a console controller, and have the hands in the game match up. Is there any kind of trick or program that would help me do this?


I am aware that obviously I won't have the buttons of the Vive controller on the tracker. I have ways to get around that. I just need to trick the game into thinking that the motion of the Trackers is instead the motion of the Vive Controllers. The only other alternative I can think of is to somehow fasten the Vive controllers to my hands without actually grabbing them, and you can see why that would be very hard.

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You can use try to use SteamVR's roll binding system to assign the trackers to "held in hand" mode but that isn't crazy applicable. There is a firmware tool that enables you to trick the firmware of the tracker to reporting itself as a controller rather than a tracker (called the roll change tool) but we've pulled that tool as it is known to brick devices after recent SteamVR updates. You may be able to pull this tool up if you search around for it - I wouldn't recommend using it unless you're an experienced developer as it does have a high potential to brick your device. 

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I have tried the roll binding to held in hand, and unfortunately it does not play nicely with the game I'm attempting to get it to work with.


As for the firmware tool, are you talking about the tool mentioned in this thread?
https://community.viveport.com/t5/Developer-Discussion/Treating-the-Vive-Tracker-as-a-Vive-controller/td-p/6153 I was linked this thread as a suggestion on a reddit post I made, and it sounded promising.


Another promising solution someone suggested was OpenVR Input Emulator, but after installing it, it causes my SteamVR to crash and boot in Safe Mode, and asking it to disable safe mode just crashes it and reboots it in safe mode. Would you happen to know anything around that?

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Yes - that's a legit tool that we've currently taken offline because it's bricking devices recently. I can't verify that individual file/package that's linked - that's certainly not from our servers and isn't hosted by us. 


I mention that tool to specifically call out that we do have a legit tool to force the trackers to report as controllers - the issue is that recent SteamVR updates have resulted in behaviors that mean that there is a very substantial risk of bricking your device by using that tool, hence why we've pulled it offline. Bricking your device using this tool may void your warranty.


I don't have alot of experince with OpenVR emulator. The only real troubleshooting guidance I have for it is that it doesn't work with beta branches. 

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Alright, thank you  for the information. It's not seeming like I have any other good options other than to try out that tool, which means I don't really have any options at all, as I'm not willing to risk my entire system for it.

Two more questions:
First, is there any way to "spoof" rotation information to a peripheral? When I attempt to bind the tracker to any specific part through the SteamVR settings, they are being treated as if they were at a 90 degree angle from where they aught to be. This is the main thing preventing me from using the trackers through that system. I take it this error is likely on the game's side, but is there any way for me to offest the incorrect rotation outside of the program?

Second, I know this is probably a long shot, but is there any kind of product, or recommended way, to mount the controllers on top of your arms/hands? Sometimes stupid problems require stupid solutions, but I figured I would ask for anything more graceful before I start busting out the rubber bands.

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I was able to do exactly what I needed to do, and more, with OpenVR Input Emulator. Thank you for your help though. 


Link for those of the future who come after me:



Though OVR IE was initially crashing my SteamVR and forcing it to launch in safe mode, the files listed in this problem thread were able to solve this.

Once it was working, the program allowed me switch the controllers for the trackers, but still allows me to press buttons on the controllers, AND allows me to offset the rotations. A solution to each and every problem I was having, in one program!

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