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Headset Goes Black/Loses Tracking


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  • The headset will go black, rather than getting odd/incorrect tracking displayed. The vive console will say the headset is still connected, but is no longer tracking. The occurrences can sometimes be so often as to make playing a game impossible( every couple of seconds loses connection ) - but at times only happens every 20 minutes or so, sometimes even going hours without it(and this was with mirrors in the room previously)


  • Vive Pro, Vive Wireless, GTX 1080, 6700k, 16gb ram, NVME ssd for all games.

The Room:

  • 16.5' across diagonally( I have had the same problems at 15.5'). Lighthouses are mounted at 8' and 9' on each corner. Wireless antenna mounted at 7'5" on corner with 8' Lighthouse. No glass or mirrors in the room at all. There is a bed sharing the space.

Specifics of problem:

  • I have been unable to find anything in logs(maybe I am looking at the wrong one) besides losing the tracking. When the event happens it will go completely black, and upon correction the PC will play the noise for connecting new devices each time. I'm curious if this is a hardware problem or potentially software. Only reason I bring up software - when playing non vr once or twice during a long gaming session(4 hrs) I will have a USB freeze where input stops working for 2-3 seconds.


Anyone have any tips?

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Thanks for the quick response! I have tried it with both wired and no wires.


That being said - I have just been googling everything I could think of between the posting and your response. Came up with a possibility - have a nest camera in the same room as vr. Figured maybe it was the IR broadcast from the camera messing it up. So I disconnected the camera and havent had problems since(fingers crossed).

Does that seem to be a correct solution regarding this?


I have one other item that has been annoying me. My buddy and I both have vive pros. On my headset the left lense is significantly "lighter' than the other one. On a dark screen I can see lighting, almost like light bleed on monitors. His doesnt show this at all. Is that normal?


UPDATE - Already had a problem again. This time it went to a completely blue screen, unable to reboot vive. Resetting steam VR made it go back to the same blue screen again. I could only get it to return to the steam room by removing power from the headset.


Logs - (I kept a note of blackouts happening at 5:49, 6:(07,10,12,16,18)). More failures than just those noted.


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