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Add WindowsMR headset supported checkbox


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Viveport only offers Vive and Oculus checkbox for VR submissions, but should add also WindowsMR headset checkbox as it works with OpenVR. As a user, with my Acer I did not have any issues with subscription or other titles on this platform, but it made me worried every time that I am spending my subsctiption slot on potentially unsupported title. Now as a developer trying to submit an app I see that it is not the devs fault but the platform. I want to support this platform rather than Microsoft Store or Steam, but without even a label for WindowsMR I don't feel welcome here.

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Viveport does not officially support WMR at this time hence the absence of a developer console program opt-in checkbox for MWR support/distrubition. For a platform to support a software/hardware runtime/ecosystem, it's alot more involved than simply having the hardware support layer (OpenVR) in place. There is a complex framework of legal and partnership agreements that must be in place to add WMR as an officially supported distribution target for the platform. 


Viveport's end-goal is to be add as many render targets/HW platforms as possible - there just isn't anything official in place with WMR as of this post. We will continue to work at add partners and update the platform and developer console as required.

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I wanted to follow up and say that we announced at GDC2019 that Viveport is adding official WMR support in the near-term to medium-term. We're currently working on adding that support now - there are a few "tricky" HMDs which are complicating the process. We'll start doing developer outreach and communication as soon as we start moving towards production. 

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