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Another Fault 03 on Base Station


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Why havent you guys done a recall yet? You obviously didnt use the correct hardware and/or engineer it up to snuff.


Brand new Vive, less than 2 months old. Now I have to deal with your RMA service which doesnt even offer any advanced replacement which considering the full responsibility of this rests on HTC's shoulders, is the least you should do. 


Greed strikes again. Consumers needs to speak up against this nonsense. If you are one of the many searching google, and stumble across this post, file a complaint with the BBB or the CFPB in the states. It's not likely to help your case much at all, but in volume, it can be costly for HTC.

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Similar experience:  purchased HTC Vive in Nov 2018.  Xmas gift to son that Dec.  Installed equipment (wall-mounted bases) and they worked fine for 2 months.  No impact to bases.  No rough handling.  Not even really any adjustments.  Then one day, "Fault 03" out of the blue.  HTC tech chat support very helpful and courteous but their only recourse is RMA with 3 week repair time.  They refused to replace equipment that is faulty and under manuf. warranty.  This effectively puts the burden on the customer to send back faulty equipment and wait on HTC to repair.  Really poor customer service practice there.  I requested replacement and they refused.


HTC...if you are listening.  Here's your customer's perspective.  These are expensive peripherals.  No joke.  When the equipment is faulty, at no fault of your customer, it feel REALLY bad to be told, "send it back, we'll repair it in 3+ weeks and ship back to you".  You have BRAND NEW base stations sitting in warehouses! What the customer needs in this case, is for HTC to ship a NEW base station immediately to replace the faulty one, then HTC can repair the faulty equipment at their own convenience and on their own time versus on their customers time.  Instead you make your customer wait on you to repair our faulty equipment that they spent a significant amount of money on.  This frustrates your customer base.  I'd be happy to discuss further but just know this is really POOR customer service.

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