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My base station has a firmware update and I've already tried it once and it stopped my base station from working. I got it going again by googling what to do and it's saying it has an update again. I'm wondering if I should try again because I really don't want to go through all that trouble of trying to fix it again. I just got this dang thing like 2 weeks ago. :\.

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, Basestations are highly sophisticated mechanical devices that spin at 120hz and require timing accuracy within 1 part within 10,000 for the system to be operational. That error is indicating that there is something mechanically wrong with your basestation, most likely one of the two internal motors. It will unfortunately require physical servicing. Bear in mind, your unit has likely been shipped more than once during it's journey to you and that sometimes that can lead to the scenario you've described. 


Your repair RMA will be covered under hardware warranty. You can still use the Vive in a limited 180 degree mode during the repair by switching the remaining station to channel A if you'd like. It works best for seated apps like Moss

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