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Vive Pro Setup App NOT working (Couldn't download Vive Software)


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I have been trying for days to install the Vive Pro HMD software on a new PC.

After downloading the installer app from the HTC site, running the app stops randomly while downloading VIVE Software :


You can select 'Try Again', after which download will resume, continue somewhat and then halt again. After maybe 5-10 'Try Again''s (a little over half in the download progress bar), there is no more progress whatsoever and your only option left is 'Quit Setup' and start over, which is extremely frustrating...

Needless to say that this unacceptable. Is anybody else experiencing this issue? 

I've noticed that there have been similar issues in the past. Is there any clue about the root cause of this?




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A couple of notes:

  • I am starting a support ticket via the email address associated with your forum account. This will allow me to put you in direct contact with someone who can troubleshoot this issue.
  • You don't need the Vive software to run the Vive or Vive Pro. You can simply download and install SteamVR from the Steam client to power the HMD. The Vive installer contains the Viveport content store as well as additional drivers and tools but it not required to drive the HMD and can be bypassed if you're having issues with the installer. See https://support.steampowered.com/steamvr/HTC_Vive/ 
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Does the target drive have enough available space to download the install files? Some new computers come with small SSDs for speed and a larger HHD for the main Programs and Data drive. Check to make sure you have plenty of free space and try clearing temp files and internet cache then try downloading again.

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