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Hi, buy the live pro, along with the wireless of the common live, they did not have the wireless pro kit, I am placing the cable that comes with the mask to the antenna, this is correct or I have to buy the kit from the pro, because that I do not take the lenses but the sound.
Thank you

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Hello ,


I am a little confused by your post - let's try to work though this a bit...

  • If using a Vive Pro, you must use a "Vive Pro Attach Kit" which contains the Vive Pro specific short cable to connect your wireless adapter to the HMD. It also contains replacement foam padding to match the headstrap design of the Vive Pro. 
  • You cannot drive the wireless adapter using the Vive Pro's 15 foot long cable, the video signal is simply doesn't have enough gain to travel that long distance when using the wireless adapter.

I will PM you with the inbox you should contact for further support if you need a Vive Pro attach kit and don't have one on hand. 

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