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Vive Pr: Game showing on monitor but not on headset


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I have, so far, come across this with two different games (Trials on Tattoonie and SuperhotVR)


In both cases, the game will show up on my monitor, but not on the headset.


In the specific, and current, case of Superhot, I do get an error message on my monitor that "Headset plugged into wrong video card."


I am using the wireless adapter for the Vive Pro.


The game was purchased through Steam and I am launching the VR version


Any help I could get with this would be greatly apprecieated.


Update: I have found a third game that does the same thing as SuperhotVR. It shows up fine on my monitor, but only gives me the white dome on the headset SteamVR also gives me the error that headset and monitor must be plugged in to the same card...which I don't see how that's possible when I'm using the wireless adapter >_>


Update #2: I have now found a FOURTH game with this exact issue: Scanner Sombre VR. It shows up on my monitor, but not on the headset. Just like the other games, I CAN hear the audio and FX sounds, but I have the same error as with the other three games.


Help would be greatly apprecieated :)

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I have dual GTX 1080Ti in my rig. Here is a complete breakdown:

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Intel Core i7 @ 4.20GHz
Kaby Lake 14nm Technology


64.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1336MHz (15-15-15-35)




XG270HU (2560x1440@59Hz)
3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (NVIDIA)
3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (NVIDIA)
ForceWare version: 418.91
SLI Disabled


465GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB (SSD)
1863GB Seagate ST2000LM007-1R8174 (SATA)
1863GB Seagate ST2000LM007-1R8174 (SATA)
953GB Samsung SSD 960 PRO 1TB (Unknown)


Optical Drives
No optical disk drives detected


NVIDIA High Definition Audio

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This did not fix the issue. I switched the desktop monitor's HDMI cable to the second card and relaunched steamVR. I tried launching Super Hot from both the desktop launcher, Steam launcher and from within SteaVR. All gave the same problem.

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